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StrainControl is a windows-based database software. The main purpose of StrainControl is to keep track of everything in the lab. You can use StrainControl to mange strains, cell-lines, oligos, plasmids, chemicals, inventories and much more. You can rename any text in StrainControl, which allows you to customize StrainControl to any needs. you can hide or change order of columns, rename modules to create your own. With StrainControl your lab will have every lab item in one place.
In order to install StrainControl you need to have administrator rights. After downloading left-click on the file and select "Run as administrator" to complete the installation.
All data is stored in a secure database on your computer, or on a computer network if you are sharing the database with others. The database is not stored online. It is only you the can access the databse and the people you grant access.
Yes, you can share the database with other people on your network. Use the guide in StrainControl to share the database with other people.
In StrainControl you can setup user accounts to protect the database. Use the user managment to create accounts that only have "read" access or "read/write". As an aministrator you have full access, which allows you to create and manage the user accounts. All accounts can be password protected.
Yes, upgrading to professional version is a one-time fee only and the license is yours for life.
Yes. If you are not satisfied you will get a full refund. Contact us before 30 days of usage to get your 100% refund. No questions asked.
No. Your data will not be saved in your database when upgrading.
Yes. Use the backup utility in StrainControl to make backup of your database.