StrainControl - for everything in the lab

100% customizable to your needs

Store strains, cell-lines, proteins, plasmids, oligos, chemicals, inventories etc in StrainControl. You can customize all field titles to fit your lab needs. It has never been easier to manage lab items.

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Try us for free

Try our free version today and get a feeling how StrainControl can help you and the other members in the lab. No need to ask for the same thing twice. Your lab will be running smoother than ever.

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Network compatible

Share your StrainControl database with other lab members over your computer network. With user management you can create various accounts to protect your database.

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StrainControl is maximized with features that will help you manage everything in the lab:

  • Manage strains, cell-lines, proteins, plasmids, oligos, chemicals, inventories etc.
  • Share your database on a network
  • Rename modules, column and text fields
  • Hide columns that are not used
  • Create user accounts (read/write/admin etc)
  • Import or export using user-friendly guides
  • Link files (protocols, images etc) to database

Download the free version and try StrainControl today. If you want to go pro, you can purchase a license key from our web shop.

Try the free version today. You can always upgrade to professional version (one-time fee) to get your hands more functions.